New Pokemon Go Move Discovered In Game's Code

It looks like Metagross's signature attack, Meteor Mash, could be coming to the mobile game.

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Dataminers have discovered a new move in Pokemon Go, which could potentially hint at the star of a future Community Day event. Reportedly couched within the game's recent update are visual assets related to Meteor Mash (via Pokemon Go Hub and, an attack that isn't currently available in the mobile game.

In the mainline series, Meteor Mash is the signature attack of Metagross, the powerful Steel/Psychic Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions. Its initial form, Beldum, arrived alongside other Hoenn-native Pokemon when Niantic began adding Gen 3 monsters to Go, but Meteor Mash has been absent from the mobile game up to this point.

This discovery could indicate that Beldum might be the featured Pokemon during an upcoming Community Day. Each of the monthly events has introduced a new, exclusive attack that could only be obtained by either capturing or evolving the featured Pokemon before the event ends; during July's Community Day, for instance, any Squirtle that evolved into its final form, Blastoise, would learn Hydro Cannon.

Being one of the harder Pokemon to find in Go, Beldum seems like a fitting choice to be the focus of a Community Day, and Meteor Mash would likely be the exclusive move it could learn if players manage to evolve it into Metagross before the event ends. This, however, certainly isn't confirmation that Beldum will indeed be the star of an upcoming Community Day; Niantic hasn't formally acknowledged the move, although this does seem to suggest the developer plans to introduce it in the near future.

In the meantime, next month's Community Day will take place on September 22 and features the Gen 2 starter Pokemon, Chikorita. The Mythical Gen 2 Pokemon Celebi also recently debuted via a new Special Research questline, and Niantic is commemorating its arrival by giving away a free Celebi t-shirt to all players. Other new Johto-inspired avatar outfits have also been added to Pokemon Go's in-game shop.

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