New Pokemon Go Field Research Tasks Available Now, Lead To Suicune

You can also get a Spinda with a different fur pattern.


A new month is now underway, and developer Niantic has rolled out a new batch of Field Research tasks in Pokemon Go. This month's missions are themed around Water-types, and if you manage to complete enough of them, you'll earn another opportunity to catch the Legendary Aurora Pokemon, Suicune.

Suicune is one of the three Legendary dogs first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, alongside Raikou and Entei--both of which were featured in August and September's Field Research tasks, respectively. In order to encounter Suicune, you'll first need to achieve a Research Breakthrough. This is done by collecting seven stamps, one of which is doled out each day you complete a Field Research task.

Suicune isn't the only rare Pokemon you'll be able to encounter through the newest set of Field Research. According to the official Pokemon website, you'll also be able to catch a Spinda with a different fur pattern by completing a certain task. Players are also reporting (via Serebii) that Shiny Krabby have begun appearing in the wild for the first time.

Unlike Special Research missions, which are assigned by Professor Willow, Field Research tasks are distributed at Poke Stops. Just as with Berries and other items, you'll collect tasks by spinning the photo disc at certain stops. You can find a list of all the known October Field Research quests on Reddit.

Along with the new Field Research tasks, Pokemon Go players have a new Community Day event to look forward to this month. The event takes place on Sunday, October 21, and features the Steel/Psychic Pokemon Beldum. Additionally, Niantic recently extended one of the bonuses from the Ultra Bonus Event. Players will still be able to hatch the region-exclusive Pokemon Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros from 7 km Eggs until October 8.

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