New Pokemon Go Beta Footage Emerges, Watch It Here

Watch it now before it possibly gets removed.


Someone in the Australian Pokemon Go beta testing program has uploaded some footage from the highly anticipated upcoming free-to-play mobile game. The clip below shows off about 10 minutes of footage, covering the character creation process and actual gameplay. Take a look:

This is the second time this week that Pokemon Go footage has emerged. The first video has since been pulled down, and the same could happen for this one. Watch it now while you can (via DualShockers).

A free-to-play game supported by microtransactions, Pokemon Go is set to launch in full later this year. The Pokemon Go field test debuted in Japan and was recently expanded to Australia and New Zealand. The beta will come to other countries, potentially the United States and Europe, at a later

Pokemon Go builds off Niantic's work on the similar, location-based real-world/video game hybrid Ingress. It's part of what Niantic is calling its "Real World" gaming platform, which aims to motivate players to go outdoors and explore the real world.

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