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New Pokemon Generations Episode Shows Dragon Master Infiltrating Team Rocket

Team Rocket should probably just use Pokemon to attack humans at this point. They're already criminals.


Another episode of Pokemon Generations has been released to the official Pokemon YouTube channel, and this time, the focus is on a memorable moment from Pokemon Gold/Silver.

The episode follows Lance, the leader of the Elite Four and noted cape aficionado, as he infiltrates Team Rocket's secret base in Mahogany Town. The Lake of Rage's Red Gyarados has been acting strangely, and he intends to find out why. It's not long before Team Rocket detects and confronts him in a manner that would suggest they belong to the Ministry of Silly Walks. I won't spoil what happens; you can watch the full episode below.

This is the fourth episode of Pokemon Generations. It debuted with the first two episodes, which featured one heck of an adventure for Pikachu and a squad of policemen chasing down Team Rocket's leader. A third episode was released a week later and showcased something that wasn't seen in the original Pokemon Red/Blue versions: your rival's conquest of the Elite Four.

In total, Pokemon Generations will be comprised of 18 episodes, with one episode releasing every week until December 23. The episodes are all based on the franchise's popular characters, locations, and stories, and they intend to shed new light on what we already know about Pokemon.

2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series, and we have seen an influx of Pokemon-related stuff to mark the occasion. The 3DS saw the release of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to its Virtual Console, while a Super Bowl commercial aired in February to celebrate the series' anniversary. Additionally, augmented-reality game Pokemon Go released in July. It surpassed 500 million downloads and topped the sales charts.

Looking to the future, we can expect Pokemon Sun and Moon, the next entries in the mainline series. They arrive on November 18 for 3DS and feature a bunch of new creatures, including new forms for some of the classic Pokemon you already know and love.

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