New Pokemon for Sun/Moon Looks Like Pikachu With a Hangover

Two new Pokemon have been revealed, including a bear that can kill you with its hugs and a ghost that looks like Pikachu.


Pokemon have had some unique designs over the years, even prompting a discussion on GameSpot's The Lobby to figure out which is the dumbest Pokemon of all time. Although the latest Pokemon to be revealed for Sun / Moon might not make it on to that list, one of them is sure to have people talking: it's a Ghost/Fairy-type that looks like a badly drawn Pikachu. You can see a picture of it on Serebii.

CoroCoro Magazine (translated by Serebii) revealed the new Ghost Fairy, whose Japanese name is Mimikkyu. It has the ability to disguise itself, which explains why it looks sort of like Pikachu. It turns out that Mimikkyu's body is covered with a cloth. Pikachu's drawn on it because the sad ghost just wants to be loved like the series mascot.

No official images of the two Pokemon have been released.
No official images of the two Pokemon have been released.

The other Pokemon that was revealed is Kiteruguma, who is a big pink bear that can kill you with its hugs. The Normal/Fighting-type strikes fear into the people of the new Alola region because of its powerful hugs, which it loves to give to its trainers. Serebii says, "Raising one puts your life in danger." You can see a picture of both creatures on Serebii.

New Pokemon have slowly been revealed over the past couple months. Mimikkyu isn't the only new creature that looks like Pikachu. Five Pokemon were revealed in a Japanese video, and one of them looked like some kind of Pikachu hybrid.

The most recent one to get announced was Salandit, a toxic fire lizard that can poison any type of Pokemon, even those of which are immune to the status effect. On top of that, Komala the koala and Rockruff the puppy were quietly revealed in June.

Four Pokemon were revealed at E3 2016, alongside a new Free-For-All battle mode where players face off against three trainers at once and can attack whoever they want. The new Pokemon include Pikipek, a bird; Yungoos, a mongoose; Grubbin, a bug; and Magearna, a Steel Fairy.

You can see Sun/Moon's Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala, here. Additionally, the upcoming Pokemon game's starters were revealed in May. There's Litten, the Fire cat; Rowlett, the Grass owl; and Popplio, the Water seal.

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