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TOKYO - Konami's RPG was one of the more impressive PlayStation2 games at the Tokyo Game Show.


TOKYO - One of the nice surprises in terms of PlayStation2 software at TGS was Konami's Reiselied: Ephemeral Phantasia. From the screenshots we've seen so far, the game appeared to sport very simplistic graphics. From what we've seen at the TGS, this isn't the case, as the title offers some nicely detailed characters and lush environments to wander in. Konami displayed a playable version of the game at its booth, and from what we saw, it looked pretty solid. Battles are carried out in a turn-based RPG style, and, of course, there are magical spells to call up.

Reiselied: Ephemeral Phantasia is slated for release this summer in Japan. From what we saw at the show, we think the game has the potential to become the first RPG smash for the PS2.

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