New Play Control Pikmin Q&A

We talk to one of the developers on the original Pikmin to find out about the upcoming Wii version.


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It's been nearly eight years since players were introduced to Pikmin on the GameCube. The unique game cast you in the role of stranded astronaut Captain Olimar. In the story, the unlucky spacefarer is marooned after his spaceship is knocked to bits by an asteroid. The game tasked you with rebuilding Olimar's ship and getting him off of the planet before his life support runs out. Olimar's only chance is to enslave the local plant population and force them to do his bidding, but in a cute way, considering that it was a Nintendo first-party game. The game offered a surprisingly cool and addictive experience that garnered a loyal fan base and a sequel. Original fans, as well as the several million Wii owners who didn't try the Pikmin series on the GameCube, will soon be able to relive the adventure with the upcoming New Play Control editions of both Pikmin games, due next month on the Wii. We had the chance to talk to Shigefumi Hino, former project leader of the original Pikmin, about the upcoming games and their predecessors.

GameSpot: With regards to the Wii versions, was there any discussion to doing any refinement on the original games, outside of implementing the motion-control support? Why/why not?

Shigefumi Hino: The biggest improvement from the original version, other than the availability of motion control, is the new feature that enables the player to go back to the save points in the past. A fun aspect for Pikmin players will be to go back and improve previous gameplay. Now that the player can leave 30 "Pikmin" days' worth of the save data and can return to each one of them to retry, we are hoping more people will challenge themselves to do their best. We were discussing the possibilities of other enhancements too, but in the end we decided that we wanted to focus on providing new Wii owners with Pikmin as soon as possible.

Make the local vegetation do your bidding--but not for evil.
Make the local vegetation do your bidding--but not for evil.

GS: The motion-control support seems to very naturally implemented. Was it easy to do, or were there different iterations?

SH: We knew that Pikmin was a game best played with very simple play control. Accordingly, we had a belief that using the Wii Remote would make the game feel even better. Even though we had to spend a long time, and went through lots of trial and error working through the play-control elements, we were pleased with the results. Most importantly, I believe the play controls are ideal.

GS: Was there a specific goal set for incorporating the motion control? (For example, was the intention to make it accessible enough for anyone to play it, or simply to offer an alternative to the old control scheme?)

SH: The primary goal for us was to make the play control simple and intuitive. Also, since we were working on the two Pikmin series games simultaneously, we paid attention so that we could unify the play-control styles of the two games.

GS: Looking at the gaming market now versus when the original games were released, do you feel the gaming audience will be more or less receptive to the games, given the new gamers brought in by the Wii?

SH: Pikmin was a very unique and original game already when it was first released on GameCube and, even today, it is very unique. Since a number of female users were also enjoying playing with the original Pikmin, it is well suited to the expanded gaming audience on Wii.

GS:While the games weren't sales juggernauts for the GameCube, they have definitely had a very vocal and devoted fan base. What do you think it was about the games that has garnered that kind of a fan base?

SH: There is nothing more encouraging to us developers than to hear about enthused fans. The biggest factor of this game which fans found interesting must be its very original game system and concept. Also adding to the uniqueness were the original ideas found in each component of this game, such as the graphics, sound, and the creatures themselves. Since I believe this is a game which can be appreciated by a wider audience, I am hopeful that this Wii version will be enjoyed by a lot more players.

Goodnight, sweet Olimar.
Goodnight, sweet Olimar.

GS: While many assume a new Pikmin would be a perfect fit for the Wii, do you think a Pikmin game would work on the Nintendo DS?

SH: As Nintendo DS has its own unique advantages, it would be possible to create a gameplay-control mechanism which would be good for and unique to Pikmin.

GS: What is your most vivid memory of working on the Pikmin games for the GameCube?

SH: I still can clearly recall the first time that I saw multiple Pikmin working together to carry a big opponent. Until then, we had been struggling to find the direction that this game should have, but when these "carry" actions were completed, we were able to determine the future of Pikmin.

GS: Looking back now, how do you think the games have held up?

SH: If Pikmin are killed in the game by accident, you feel very sad. I think it is because Pikmin exist somewhere in our minds as living creatures, not just as mere digital data. It might be due to their strong will to live that the game called Pikmin has been able to stay in the fans' hearts.

GS: Is there anything you wish had been done differently?

SH: We think we have done the best we could, so there are no specific regrets. This is a game which still feels fresh to the players today, so I hope that many people will enjoy themselves.

GS: Thanks for your time.

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I wonder if Pikmin 2 will be released on the Wii.

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After reading the comments, looks like everyone has forgotten about this: << LINK REMOVED >> And no, he wasn't talking about the remakes. Look here: << LINK REMOVED >>

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Where is the review?

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I agree with everyone here that I would rather see pikmin 3, but just because they re-make it for the wii, doesn't mean that THIS sucks. It DOES improve the original and is preparing us the the third installment. I have played it and I personally love it. Personally, if you all came here, i would think you all love pikmin, just as much as the rest of us, so in 2 weeks when Nintendo gets their heads out of their ***** and gives us shiny pics of pikmin 3, we can all be happy again :D And for those who bring up "innovation" i suggest looking it up, because this is an innovating game.

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Ok reading further down now... You people aren't that bright are ya? The Wii isn't a hard-core gamer console, i own the wii and x360 and i like my 360 more (even through the 3rd red ring of death) yes, but the wii is a great casual system and thats all nintendo has mainly ever been to most people and thats all it really has to be. Chill out its just a game.

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there is nothing wrong with bring back an old favourite and adding a few bits to it and re-selling it. This gives people the oppertunity for those who have never played this game, It will look and feel like a new game.

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Thebanewolf,Thats just ridiculous it is $30 and pikmin is great. period. SOOO many system are makeing remakes and makeing money off of it so Nintendo isnt entitled to that? Anyway what did he mean by "since we were working on the two Pikmin series games simultaneously" what other pikmin series game is he talking about?

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@ ph1nn let's see what happens when sony files for bankruptcy.. then we'll see how many 9.0+ games you'll be getting @ kirkht_basic no, that's what YOU are saying, BUT, re-releasing old games with the selling point being "play gamecube classics with enhanced wii controls" is ******* ***.. wii controls are mostly gimmicky.. the pikmin developers must feel like killing themselves after making this sort of marketing stunt, i would be ashamed of myself as a developer. money grubbing grey blobs of the masses.

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like everyone is saying in these comment section. we want new games not old games with new innovation.

Avatar image for ph1nn

Lol so far this year my PS3 has gotten Killzone 2 (9.0), Street Fighter 4 (9.0) and Resident Evil 5 (9.0). Pretty sad to see the #1 selling console in the world getting complete crap like this. So much for Wii's promise of innovation.

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"rofl just because my younger brother didnt play the original sonic doesnt mean they need to remake that" - crackhamster01 Actually, they remade that fore the gameboy advance... And I don't mind that they're remaking Pikmin for the Wii. Do you know how hard it is to find these games for the Gamecube for less than the price they are for the Wii? Especially pikmin 2...

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Why didnt they just make Pikmin 3???? Nintendo has some unwritten law that says only 1 game per series ever 8 years. Back in the SNES days you had 3 donkey kong games and 2 mario games. they need to make Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. It dont have to be very different from the first just give us more than just one new game per system.

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Games like this are the reason I'm selling my Wii. The last Nintend I will ever buy. Nintendo died after N64.

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This is basicly a pikmin remake :(

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Destiny_hero took the words right out of my mouth. Since the wii I've grown sick of nintendo and I"m done putting up with their crap. When they finally release an ORIGINAL game again I'll be happy. Nintendo makes games like a cartoon series. it's always the same bad guy doing the same crap and every time the hero has to stop him. While other games which a lot of times get lesser ratings because they're not made by nintendo are made like movies...where if a sequel is made it actually FURTHERS the story somehow. It's funny how the name nintendo's original games were so good people are still lying to themselves thinking nintendo is still creating good games.

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This game is trash. "Why spend time making a new Pikmin when we can just re-release the old game but with a new controller?" Nintendo is becoming more and more of an epic failure every time they do something. I really miss the old days, when they were awesome, and actually produced games that would last more than two hours.

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lol this is so retarded. its just plain stupid to remake these games just because theres a newer audience, rofl just because my younger brother didnt play the original sonic doesnt mean they need to remake that

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sounds great, but I think I'll probably wait for some other, completely new pikmin game to come out...Perferably one with real multi-player.

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Cool that they're putting this great game out there for a new audience. I just wish that there was more going on in terms of creating new classics than reliving old ones. Speaking of old classics, I am looking forward to the rerelease of Metroid Prime. I really want to play through that game again and I think the new controls will give me a convenient excuse to do so.

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Is everyone really so ignorant as to think that there is only one group working on games. They probably have some other group do this while there are others working on NEW games. ANd guess what everyone, the Wii is now getting to TONS of new Audiences, and you know what that means, NEW people to get games. Now people can buy these games for 30 dollars who did not have a Gamecube, some people complain about things WAY TO OFTEN.

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WOW Nintendo just make a new game!!!!!!

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I still have my GC copy of this game, I will sure buy the wiimake because the GC version was too hard for me to cope with because multi-tasking using a gamepad for me is like trying to dive bomb spider man style off a diving board. The wii remote fixed that problem so I should be able to better appreciate this series.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Another remake, Nintendo right now is so original, they are going to remake every game from the NGC, and with the wiiware every NES to N64 game, i am getting tired of my wii, i though that would be better buy a NGC than my wii, I WANT NEW GAMES, I AM GETTING TIRED OF THOSE STUPID REMAKES, if this situation is not going to change i am not going to buy NEVER a nintendo console again

Avatar image for wooooode

Memt2021, They are bringing Metroid 1&2 here as well. Also they are rereleasing these titles because there are alot of Wii owners that most likely never even heard of these titles.

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I'm glad they are making this for the wii, but what about the second one? I really wanted to ry that, also why are they remaking Mario Tennis, the controls for Tennis on the Wii, are not too great if they do it like Wii Sports. They better release the others such as Metroid (mentioned below) to add variety. Nintendo has been listening to its fans, but I think they should try to expand their market from other than giving Japan all of their goodies (they did the same with the Fire Emblem series).

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I wonder when this nightmare will end.

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I've got a question, Why? After seeing a list of what Nintendo plans on releasing this year for America and Japan I almost feel insulted, we get two remakes, one of them being Pikmin which was hit or miss in my mind, and Mario Tennis, which made me laugh cause that was clearly Nintendo saying "We don't really want to make ANOTHER Mario Tennis game, do we? That's what I thought, reprint the last one". Most people who loved Pikmin most likely still have they're copy for the GC and could care less about new controls. Maybe if they made a new Pikmin like they said they we're and announced that I'd ease off of them but when they pull a stunt like this and then put salt in the wound by giving japan remakes of the Metroid Prime series, I can not forgive them

Avatar image for arod1122

Another thing is that baffles me is this game had great controls to begin with on the GC.

Avatar image for calvinsora

Though the game has already been release, many retailers in smaller countries (like where I live) have completely stopped selling GC releases in any shape and form. Luckily, I own the original, but there are many who don't. This is also a commercial move, though.

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so did they even bother to refine the graphics?

Avatar image for vengeance00

"It's been nearly eight years since players were introduced to Pikmin on the GameCube." eight!? man i feel old. i would like to see a pikmin 3 come out, it might make me buy a wii again (sold it for a PS3 and so far haven't looked back).

Avatar image for Bozanimal

Even after reading this article and as a long-time Pikmin fan, this decision to add new controls to an existing title puzzles me. You can already play Gamecube titles on the Wii and, as noted, the fanbase is small but devoted. I would expect many Pikmin fans such as myself have held on to the title and its sequel and continue to play the Gamecube version on the Wii. Further, it already had a great control scheme. *EDIT* Read Starbead's comment below and Nintendo's decision makes more sense now.

Avatar image for weissengel86

Why would nintendo create a new console so people can play games that came out on the previous console who "missed" the originals? Why not get a gamecube and those of us who actually have the wii for new nintendo stuff can actually get what we payed for? I cant say i got the wii so i can play games i had before with a new gimmicky feature. I hope nintendo isnt digging themselves into a deep hole when all the "casual" gamers move on to the next fad while all their hardcore fans left because of lack of attention.

Avatar image for arod1122

They should focus more on making a new games(or new games for ongoing series like this one) than remaking old Gamecube games. I mean if people missed it then just buy it and play it on the Wii. I mean Wii plays Gamecube games anyway. Why bother?

Avatar image for 2-10-08

played it on gamecube. better than 2, 2 was too hard; deep caves and electricity killing all your pikmin

Avatar image for mAD_ADaption

I have barely heard anything about pikmin 3, and they're already releasing a remake? Nintendo needs to stop milking their sheep and make a new Pikmin already :(

Avatar image for Shadow_Fire41

huh? thats all they did? thats not that much. couldn't they have done more?

Avatar image for ThePitt-man

Pikmin 2 is a hole lot better so there should be that on the wii also

Avatar image for FarmFreshDX

Hopefully they will follow this up with a Pikmin 3. Pikmin 2 was one of only a select few games I bothered to truly 100% because it had a balance of lots of stuff to do, but not tediously or too much.

Avatar image for wooooode

This is the only game in the near future that I know I will be picking up for sure on the Wii. I had the second one and enjoyed it alot but missed the first but a great opportunity has come along for me to play it.

Avatar image for Pink_Troglodyte

this is just the first one right? when is pikmin 2 coming out on the wii? has anyone heard anything about a north american release?

Avatar image for gameking5000

I haven't tried Pikimin. I might try it now that's going to be on the Wii

Avatar image for Aqeous_Snake

Can't wait for this one since I missed it on the Gamecube, I've played Pikmin 2 though and I can't wait to finally play the original! Can't wait for the sequel as well! ^_^

Avatar image for kakashi552

really, nintendo should try to make something new again. they've done it once, but now they have to move on to newer things.

Avatar image for Justinge3

I cannot WAIT for "New Play Controls: DK Banana---Barrel Bongo Blast"!

Avatar image for Nintendo_Man

Nintendo aren't even trying anymore, this is only a way to get casuals to play the games us hardcore gamers who bought the GC, played.

Avatar image for Hayden10Noah

looks ok,1st game wuz good, same w/ the 2nd one

Avatar image for linkyshinks

I have reviewed the game., there's a link in my last blog. Improved.

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