New Pikmin details

Find out how Miyamoto's pet project is shaping up. New screens included.


Nintendo Company Limited has provided an update on its upcoming GameCube strategy game Pikmin, along with new screenshots from the game. In the game, the player assumes the role of Captain Orima, who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet inhabited by tiny creatures known as Pikmin. In his quest to recover the pieces of his spacecraft, which have been scattered all over the world as a result of his crash, Captain Orima must recruit the aid of the Pikmin. There are three different species of the little creatures: red, yellow, and blue. Each kind has a special function, and players must manage the different types of Pikmin and use them to attack enemies, clear paths, and carry pieces of spacecraft back to a launch location.

Pikmin, which was conceived by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, will be released on December 3 in North America.

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