New Pikmin Announced for 3DS

Pikmin 4 is also on the way for Wii U.

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A new Pikmin game is in the works for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has announced. The side-scrolling adventure game will see players tapping the screen to move their Pikmin and to pick up items and attack enemies. The reveal came today during the 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct event.

Similar to the original Pikmin titles, the Pikmin color indicates their strengths. For example, red means impervious to fire, blue indicates an affinity for water, and yellow-types can be thrown far and are capable of resisting electrocution.

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The new Pikmin game will launch in 2017.

In addition to the 3DS Pikmin game, Nintendo is working on a new Pikmin title, Pikmin 4, for Wii U. Designer Shigeru Miyamoto recently assured fans that the game remains in development, despite Nintendo not saying much about it recently.

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