New Phantasy Star an interior decorator's dream?

Details on the upcoming space RPG's spring up; customizable room system to be core of gameplay experience.


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In the July 28th issue of Weekly Famitsu, a number of details on Sega's upcoming role-playing game Phantasy Star Universe were brought to light. The magazine focused about half the two-page spread on the game's customizable room feature, which acts as a sort of virtual den. When online, the player can invite up to five other players into the room for chats. However, even when the player logs off, the room will continue to exist online, and other players will still be able visit it.

Players will be able to change the look of their room's interior by purchasing a "remodeling ticket" and selecting from a slew of available patterns. There will also be shops where players can purchase decorative items for their rooms, or even give objects to other players to use in their domiciles. Gamers can also turn their rooms into shops, allowing them to hold an impromptu garage sale.

A few details of the planetary system, which consists of the Guardian Colony, Parum, Neudaiz, and Moatoob, also emerged. Specifically, each location will specialize in different types of items. Guardian Colony will be the only place players can buy items for customizing their rooms, and its headquarters will serve as the hub for missions in the story mode. The shops of Parum will specialize in gear for Hunters and Rangers. Neudaiz is primarily settled by the Newman species, and therefore will supply weapons and accessories for enhancing the Technique abilities of Force characters. Moatoob's economy is focused on heavy industries, making it the ideal place to go for vehicles and military equipment.

Famitsu lists the Japanese release date of the PlayStation 2 version of Phantasy Star Universe as Aug 31. It will be priced slightly higher than average, at 7,140 yen (around $61). The PC and Xbox 360 editions' launch date and price are yet to be announced.

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