New Persona 5 Royal Trailer Stars New Character Kasumi Yoshizawa

Persona 5 Royal will be released on March 31.


Persona 5 Royal developer Atlus is continuing to drum up excitement for its March 31 release. A new trailer focused on the Phantom Thieves and new heroine, Kasumi Yoshizawa, has been released.

Yoshizawa is a brand new playable character in Persona 5 Royal, and from and from Michael Higham's hands-on at a preview event, she is "a new student at your school, Shujin Academy, and is pretty well known for her talents as a gymnast."

According to a short scene Higham played, "It's apparent she takes a liking to Joker, accepting his offer to share an umbrella to walk in the rain and then opening up to him about her school life. It seems that Shujin's administration and faculty are trying to offer her special benefits for being a top-tier athlete, but she appears to be conflicted and wants to do right by everyone." Yoshizawa's focus also seems to be "bless-type skills and physical attacks."

Persona 5 was released in 2017, and Persona 5 Royal is a PS4-exclusive update of the original version that adds a number of new features.

You can read our full Persona 5 Royal preview to see if it's worth investing in, but our writer concludes, "[Persona 5 Royal] is not just the same game with more content; P5R is the definitive version and reimagining of the original, rebuilt with fundamental story and gameplay changes." We'll have a review of the game soon.

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