New Peggle-Like Game, Roundguard, Is Out Now

Roundguard combines Diablo with Peggle, and it's out on a bunch of portable platforms.


If you've been craving something similar to PopCap's classic Peggle, Roundguard might but be a new, different type of dungeon-crawler with enough in common to satisfy you.

Roundguard, which is out today on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, mixes elements from rogue-like dungeon crawlers and the bouncy mayhem of Peggle. You choose from a handful of classes before exploring randomized dungeons, filled with enemies, upgrades, and loot.

The act of exploring each floor is where Roundguard looks the most Peggle-like. Your character bounces around the screen, ricochets off objects or pausing in mid-air to attack enemies. You'll have to be careful where you aim though--with permadeath active you'll be sent to the start of the dungeon when you die, keeping only permanent upgrades you can acquire with all the gold you've gathered thus far.

With Peggle 2 having launched as far back as 2011 and EA giving no indication of a sequel, Roundguard might be your best bet yet to get that same fix. Especially on Nintendo Switch, where Peggle isn't available for purchase at all.

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