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New PC Games: Hardcore Shooters, Mouse Stealth, And More You Missed

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Welcome to Steam Punks, the show where we take blind chances on new Steam games that look promising, and give you our personal recommendations on whether they're actually worth spending money on!

PC gamers know that there are dozens of new games that come out on Steam each week, and aside from the big, obvious releases, it’s hard to tell if something that looks promising really delivers the goods. We take that risk to help you find that great, hidden gem that might’ve flown under the radar.

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This week, we take a look at Ghost of a Tale, a gorgeous-looking stealth game with a cute mouse for a protagonist (maybe he’s related to Moss?), as well as The Council, a game that does some seriously new and impressive things with adventure game mechanics.

Then we go back to the 1990s with Amid Evil, an early-access, dark fantasy FPS with a focus on speed and cool weapons. We also dive into Echoplex, an incredibly slick and unsettling first-person puzzle game with an intriguing, live-action mystery to go with its challenging puzzles.

Have you been playing any fantastic new PC games that we missed? Let us know on Twitter: @EdmondTran + @JessMcDonell

Steam store links: Ghost of a Tale, The Council, Amid Evil, Echoplex.

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