New Payday 2 Update Makes Key Microtransaction Item a Random Drop

You can now buy the drill or complete a heist and hope it is given to you.


Overkill Software has released an update for Payday 2, giving players the chance to acquire a key item previously only available through paid microtransactions.

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On October 16, Overkill released the The Black Market Update, which included the option to buy a drill that would unlock special safes with unique skins, gameplay altering weapon mods and more.

The new update, however, adds the drill to the Card Loot Drop reward table. This means "players can now be rewarded with drills that can open safes after successfully completing a heist." The complete list of changes the update makes can be found below.

  • Fixed an issue where the reload sound for the Ksp 58 were missing
  • Fixed an issue where attachments equipped on the RPK were floating on the side of the barrel
  • Fixed an issue with Edit Keys options text for the keybind for Gadget
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Sights for the CAR-4 were visible through objects when having certain modifications equipped
  • Fixed an issue where some Gadget modifications clipped through the Bipod modification when both were equipped on the Brenner
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you try and deploy the bipod while performing other actions
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't be downed by a cloaker when having the bipod deployed
  • Added the First World Bank heist. Players can find it under the contact "Classics" from the Contract Broker in Crime.Net
  • Added Drills to the Card Loot Drop reward table. Players can now be rewarded with Drills that can open Safes after successfully completing a heist
  • Added the song "Gun Metal Grey 2015" by Simon Viklund

In January 2013, Payday 2 lead designer David Goldfarb said the game would not have microtransactions. Asked if the studio anticipated putting them in the game Goldfarb said "No. No. God, I hope not. Never. No."

Goldfarb has since left Overkill, saying that his decision to leave was due to a personal ambition to leave AAA game development, and not because of a lack of faith in the company.

The Payday Crimefest event is now on day six. As part of this event Payday and Payday 2 are both on sale.

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