New Overwatch Skins For Heroes Of The Storm Turn Blizzard Icons Into Cosplayers

Iconic Blizzard characters like Jim Raynor and Diablo's demon hunter Valla are receiving new Overwatch skins in Heroes of the Storm.


Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm just received a new Overwatch cosplay event, turning iconic Blizzard characters like Starcraft's Jim Raynor into Soldier 76.

Skins for the event also include a Roadhog skin for World of Warcraft's Stitches, a Reaper skin for Diablo's demon hunter Valla, and a Reinhardt skin for the Diablo crusader Johanna.

Alongside the new skins come a large number of hero reworks, adjusting the various abilities and talents for all the same characters receiving skins, along with updates to characters like D.VA, Mei, Anduin and the game's newest addition, Hogger.

Blizzard has largely put Heroes of the Storm on the backburner since 2018, when the developer shifted resources away from the game and canceled its esports program. A blog post announcing the change told players that Heroes of the Storm would "remain a love letter to Blizzard's worlds and characters," but that the "cadence" of new content for the game would change.

Many took a shifting of resources away from the game to mean Heroes of the Storm would be on life-support, but balance changes and the occasional new event or hero do still come to the game, albeit at a much slower pace than prior to 2018. The game's latest hero, WoW's Hogger, was added in December of 2020, and iconic characters like WoW's Deathwing and Overwatch's Mei have all come to the game after Blizzard's 2018 announcement.

The Heroes of the Storm Overwatch event comes hot on the heels of Overwatch's own anniversary event. A two-hour long Overwatch 2 presentation is coming May 20 and is set to reveal new maps and gameplay changes coming to the highly-anticipated sequel.

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