New Overwatch Skin For Brigitte, The Latest Character, Revealed

Have a look at the Engineer skin.


Just a few days after we got the official confirmation that Brigitte is indeed the identity of the new Overwatch character, she's already gotten a new look. Following an accidental early reveal, Blizzard has officially released a brief video showing off one of Brigitte's skins. [Update: We've now gotten a look at all of Brigitte's new skins, which you can check out in our gallery.]

Referred to as the Engineer skin, Brigitte still has the same basic look, but it introduces some new colors to her outfit, changes the look of her weapon, and puts some spinning gears in the middle of her shield. She's also got some new (cosmetic) equipment on her, including welding goggles that rest atop her head and a tool pouch on her belt. It looks to be the gear she's assembling in her origins trailer.

According to Blizzard, the Engineer skin will be available "soon" on the Public Test Realm, where Brigitte herself is currently in testing before her official release. The PTR is only accessible by owners of the PC version; it requires a separate download through the client. With it installed, you can try out Brigitte and her distinct abilities.

As revealed last week, Brigitte is a Support-class hero who can heal and provide armor to her allies, hit multiple enemies at once with her flail, and equip a shield. With the use of her Shield Bash ability, she's able to do some notable things, like stun Reinhardt through his shield, stop Reinhardt's Charge, and stun Torbjörn's sentry.

There's not yet a date for when Brigitte will be released in full on all platforms, but once revealed, it's typically not too long before new characters arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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