New Overwatch Map Goes Live Next Month

Eichenwalde features a German castle and a neighboring village.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: New Overwatch Map Goes Live Next Month

Blizzard announced at Gamescom today that a new map is headed to Overwatch. Eichenwalde is the first post-launch map to be added to the game. It's set in Germany and features a castle and its neighboring village. It goes live in September, but if you're at Gamescom, you can play it at Blizzard's booth.

During Blizzard's Gamescom stream, Overwatch lead systems designer Aaron Keller said the team "wanted to have some gameplay that [it hadn't] done before," resulting in a play area that's "very vertical" in the middle of the map. Additionally, you have to cross a drawbridge that leads into the castle at the end of the map. Principal designer Geoff Goodman noted that it was a "great Widowmaker spot."

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Keller also explained Bastion's Origins skin, which makes the turret-touting robot look like it came from a forest. "This is the forest where Bastion came from," Keller said of the new Eichenwalde map. Blizzard also gave a sneak peek at the first episode of the second Overwatch animated series, starring Bastion. That episode will release on Thursday.

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So... Is the impossible time that all the clocks show in this trailer a clue for Sombra or is it part of the map itself? All the clocks seem to be stopped at what ought to be 2:50 by the hour hand but the minute hand is at the 5 minute mark (Or somewhere near that). That time is utterly impossible for a clock to show. If it were one clock, then you could argue it is broken. But it seems to be all of the clocks - and it can't be a mistake since the one I noticed it on at first is front and center in the shot...

Avatar image for txuzai

Awesome! Stopped playing a week or so ago as the current maps have got so repetitive.

The big problem is how does one get to play this map when its always random.

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@txuzai: Hopefully a special playlist shows up when it launches just for this map.

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@acharis_frost: Hope so :)

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Looks great!