New Overwatch Hero Revealed; Watch the Healing Sniper in Action

The new Overwatch hero, whose name was suspected to be Sombra, simultaneously heals her team and hurts her foes.

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Blizzard teased a new Overwatch hero recently with a blueprint of a healing sniper rifle, and now the developer has revealed the new character. Ana is a Support character who uses her rifle and other abilities to simultaneously heal her teammates and hurt her foes--and she just so happens to be Pharah's mother, too. You can try her out for yourself through the Public Test Realm right now.

The weapon you'll use most as Ana is her Biotic Rifle. It fires long-range darts that restore your allies' health or deal ongoing damage if you shoot an enemy with one. In addition to the rifle, Ana has a Sleep Dart, which knocks enemies unconscious.

For close-quarters combat, Ana can utilize her Biotic Grenade, which heals teammates and damages opponents standing within its small area of effect. An added bonus to the grenade is a temporary increase to all healing your allies receive. Additionally, any enemies caught in its area of effect will not be able to receive healing for a period of time.

Lastly, Ana's Ultimate ability, Nano Boost, turns a teammate into a superpowered soldier. It gives them increased damage, faster movement, and a higher resistance to damage while active.

You can watch Ana's gameplay video at the top of the article, and you can learn more about her backstory in her origins video here.

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To try Ana out for yourself right now, you'll need to have Overwatch on PC. Open the client, go to where you select your region/account (right above the Play button), and choose "PTR: Overwatch." The PTR will need to install, but once it has, you'll be able to play as Ana as much as you like.

Ana's Legendary and Epic skins offer some new looks for the healing sniper. She has one skin that makes her look like her younger self, and another that looks like it's been pulled straight from Destiny. You can see them for yourself here.

Many players believed the Support sniper was named Sombra, as the name can be seen in several locations on the Dorado map. Reaper can also be heard saying, "Where is Sombra when you need her?" Although the Support sniper character turned out to be Ana, it's still possible that Sombra could be an entirely separate character.

Ana is introduced alongside a patch that makes several balance changes to multiple heroes. Some of the changes affect Zenyatta's vulnerability and D.Va's Defense Field. We'll keep you updated as the patch notes are released.

We got the opportunity to speak to Blizzard's principal designer, Scott Mercer, and he told us that players can expect some changes to Competitive Play in the near future. There will soon be a one-hero limit, which will prevent teams from having multiple players using the same hero. And when Season 2 commences, Sudden Death will be removed in favor of ending a game in a tie.

In other Overwatch news, the first-person shooter stayed near the top of the PS4's top-selling digital games for another month. The only game to beat it was Battlefield 4, which was discounted heavily during June.

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Avatar image for l337jugaknoty

Ana is a pretty lethal character. She is a little squishy but then again, not meant to be on the front lines. I had lucked out because i had just bought the game and i guess they released her the week before i got the game. Reminds me of good ol TF2. Ana is definitely my favorite healer class in this game.

Avatar image for autumnvarela

Yay, what a unique character. Healing sniper. When I first played Lucio, I thought he healed by shooting allies. Nice to see she actually does this.

Interesting that they have 3 older characters, Soldier 76, Reinhardt, and Ana. Usually you don't see anyone older in games like this.

Avatar image for fritzcanares

I wish I have a keys to play this game I want to play this game soon as possible..

please give me key so I can start the game :D

Avatar image for Boddicker

The only thing that bothers me is she can't get headshot bonus damage. Why? Idk.

Avatar image for Liferow

@Boddicker: It'll stop bothering you the moment you realize that she's actually shooting darts out of her rifle and not .50cal bullets which actually would do more damage than a dart would, hence the reason that shooting at the chest does the same damage as shooting in the leg.

Avatar image for Crypt_mx

@Boddicker: Because she's a support, not a defense or offense. Her main ability is healing, she does damage as well as healing. You can't just make her Widowmaker with heals, that would be OP.

Avatar image for Boddicker

@Crypt_mx: Every support other than Symmetra can get headshots.

Avatar image for daddysackful

@Boddicker: If they gave her headshot damage, Widowmaker would essentially become irrelevant.

Avatar image for Crypt_mx

@Boddicker: Yes but they don't use sniper rifles with such a high damage output. No other support has the potential to one or two shot enemies, but she would with headshot damage. She's not designed to be like that, if you're a headshot hunter pick Widowmaker. She's a support, not a damage dealer.

Avatar image for rumadbrah

Interesting can't wait to try her out.

Avatar image for Zanmato7

Stop to play this game on week two. Boring as ****! Zero content...

Avatar image for jshah500

@Zanmato7: Did you just comment "zero content" on an article highlighting the soon-to-be added free content? LOL

Avatar image for Crypt_mx

@Zanmato7: Zero content? Not one map or character? How do you play :P?

But seriously, it's fun, plus all future content, characters and maps are free.

Avatar image for RadPro

@Zanmato7: Sure you did.

Avatar image for Rooten

and it will be nerf in 2 weeks...!

Avatar image for doubtless1

Borderlands called, they want Athena back

Avatar image for Crypt_mx

@doubtless1: What? because they are both females wearing hoods lol? They don't have that much in common realistically.

Avatar image for RadPro

@doubtless1: Athena isn't a sniper.

Avatar image for doubtless1

@RadPro: That's about the only thing they didn't rip off from her design.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

Healing sniper....that sounds too fun.

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Avatar image for jamesworkshop

Frick yeah!

Frick yeah!

Frick yeah!