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New Overwatch 2 Details Coming As Part Of The Overwatch League Grand Finals

A new look at Overwatch 2, including an exhibition match, will be coming during the Overwatch League Grand Finals on September 25.


New details on Overwatch 2 are on the horizon, with the game set to make a special appearance during the Overwatch League Grand Finals on September 25. There will be looks at reworked heroes as well as a special Overwatch 2 exhibition match.

As part of the Overwatch League Grand Finals preshow and halftime event, Blizzard will put a spotlight on hero reworks for Bastion and Sombra, while also breaking down Bastion's new look and how it fits into the developer's philosophy behind designing the sequel.

The first-ever Overwatch 2 exhibition match will feature various pro Overwatch League players taking the game for a spin, and should give fans their best look yet at the game in action. The finals and exhibition match will be livestreamed via YouTube.

Blizzard's most recent Overwatch 2 update came back in May, when a "What's Next" livestream revealed new maps like New York City and Rome alongside the new Push game mode and visual and gameplay changes to heroes like Winston, Mei, and Torbjörn. It was also revealed that Overwatch 2 would be moving to a 5v5 format, away from the original's 6v6 matches. An early build of Overwatch 2 will be played for the Overwatch League's 2022 season, which starts in April.

The Overwatch League Grand Finals, and its spotlight on Overwatch 2, comes as Blizzard continues to deal with the fallout from a state of California lawsuit alleging widespread harassment and discrimination against women employees at Activision Blizzard.

Following the lawsuit's allegations, a number of major sponsors vanished from the official Overwatch League website, while others, like Coca-Cola, publicly said it would be taking a step back to revisit future plans and programs. Those same allegations also led to the departure of numerous veteran Blizzard employees implicated in activities named in the lawsuit, including former lead level designer Jesse McCree. The Overwatch hero sharing McCree's name will be undergoing a name change as a result. Overwatch 2 does not currently have a release date.

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