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New Outriders Trailers Teaches You The Mantras Of Survival

The latest trailer for Outriders wants to remind you that you're a biological sledgehammer.


Being stranded on a hostile alien world teeming with dangerous wildlife would be reason enough to adopt new methods of staying alive, but having to deal with super-powered humans requires brand new mantras for survival according to the latest Outriders trailer.

As the video below points out, survival on Enoch boils down to four key factors; ditching cover, liberally using the powers that you've unlocked, killing to heal yourself, and thinking aggressively. With the Outriders demo providing a substantial chunk of the game's opening act to play through, all four of those key pillars of gameplay were on display as the early opening missions and boss fights motivated players to use aggressive tactics to overcome early challenges.

Outriders launches on April 1 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day. If you've been enjoying the demo and you're looking to farm it for a few legendary items to carry over to the full game, your best bet to do so is to grind through a few of the game's tougher foes according to our Outriders Legendary Loot farming guide.

You can expect a few more details on the game this week as well, as publisher Square Enix will be hosting a showcase event on March 18 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on its official Twitch and YouTube channels.

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