New One Must Fall: Battlegrounds screens

Diversions releases a new batch of screenshots showing off some new levels in its upcoming giant-robot fighting game.


Diversions Entertainment has released new screenshots from its upcoming fighting game, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds. The futuristic game includes large fighting arenas in which player-controlled robots can engage in multiplayer free-for-all combat or participate in team-based fighting. The new images show off two new arenas, the city and the iceberg, as well as some new views of the Jaguar, one of the robots featured in the game. The city arena is located in the heart of a crowded metropolis, and it is surrounded by a large force field to protect the surrounding areas. The nighttime robot fights are a popular tourist attraction. The iceberg arena is built on top of a natural iceberg, and severe natural conditions such as cold, fog, and moisture add an extra level of challenge to the robot fights. The Jaguar robot features several powerful attacks, including the overhead throw, the concussion blast, and the multicannon.

For more information about One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, take a look at our collection of screenshots and movies from the game. One Must Fall: Battlegrounds is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

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