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New On Shudder In July 2021: Manhunter, Near Dark, Creepshow, New Exclusive Horror

There's a wealth of new and old horror movies hitting Shudder in July.


Horror streaming service Shudder is currently running its "Summer of Chills," with 12 exclusive films streaming throughout the summer. July is set to bring a quartet new shockers to the platform, plus some classic catalogue tiles.

July's line-up of new horror kicks off on July 8 with Son, in which a woman comes to terms with terrifying changes in her child after he is kidnapped. It's directed by Ivan Kavanagh, who previously made the seriously scary 2014 horror The Canal. That's followed on July 15 by The Call, which unites two genre veterans--Saw's Tobin Bell and Insidious's Lin Shaye--as a sinister old couple who trap a group of friends in their house.

July 22 sees the release of Kandisha, the new movie from acclaimed French duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside, Leatherface). It's about a woman who summons a powerful demon to exact a bloody vengeance, but soon finds that the evil entity is out-of-control. Finally, The Boy Behind the Door arrives on July 29, and focuses on a kidnapped boy who faces unimaginable terror when he attempts to rescue his friend.

There's also a wealth of must-watch classic horror hitting Shudder in July. Michael Mann's serial killer masterpiece Manhunter features Brian Cox as the first screen version of Hannibal Lector, while Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark is perhaps the best vampire movie of the '80s. There's two favorites from legendary director George Romero--Day of the Dead and Creepshow--plus Joe Dante's hilarious 1978 creature feature Piranha. Finally, fans of weird horror should check out the bizarre and brilliant Messiah of Evil from 1973, directed by Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck, who subsequently wrote American Graffiti and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

New to Shudder in July 2021

July 1

  • Manhunter
  • Near Dark
  • Burnt Offerings
  • Creepshow
  • Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

July 6

  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
  • Terror Train
  • Death Ship

July 7

  • Pledge Night
  • Sorority House Massacre
  • Day of the Dead
  • Horsehead

July 8

  • Son

July 12

  • Messiah of Evil
  • Carnival of Souls
  • Piranha
  • Straight Edge Kegger

July 13

  • White Girl
  • Separation
  • Everly

July 15

  • The Call

July 19

  • She’s Allergic to Cats
  • Here Comes Hell
  • Vigilante

July 20

  • Mass Hysteria
  • ROT
  • Etheria: The Series
  • They Remain
  • Der Bunker

July 22

  • Kandisha

July 27

  • Adoration

July 29

  • The Boy Behind the Door

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