New Oddworld Soulstorm PS5 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Oddworld Soulstorm sees the continued adventures of Abe on the PS5.


During Sony's latest PS5 event, we got another look at Oddworld Soulstorm. The new trailer showed a few short snippets of gameplay, revealing its 2D gameplay that looks reminiscent of the PS1 classic. Abe will continue to avoid all manners of dangerous obstacles, while working to save his people.

You can check the trailer out below. The game is a remake of Oddworld: Abe's Exodus, and follows on from New 'n Tasty, the earlier Oddworld remake.

The game will make use of the DualSense controller to offer trigger resistance based on what Abe is doing in the environment and the struggles he's facing. There's also a new "scavenger's economy" and crafting system to assist him on his journey, and you'll be able to fully search the environment and even pickpocket people.

You'll see the consequences for your actions over time, so you best act carefully.

Unfortunately, no release date was revealed for Oddworld Soulstorm. The PS5, however, finally got release date and price details.

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