New No One Lives Forever 2 multiplayer mode impressions

An update to be released tomorrow will add two new multiplayer modes to the game. Hands-on impressions and screens inside.


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Tomorrow, Sierra will release a new patch for No One Lives Forever 2 that will bring the first-person shooter to version 1.3 and add two new multiplayer modes to the game: team deathmatch and doomsday. Seven new maps for both modes will be added to the game. Today we had the chance to play doomsday, which is a team-based mode that pits one team against the other in a race to build a doomsday machine. Each team spawns in its base along with one of three pieces of the doomsday device. The third piece spawns somewhere in the center of the map. If one team can get possession of all three pieces of the doomsday device and put them together in its base, then that team wins the match.

There are a few gameplay twists--one is that you get a radar interface in the top right corner of the screen that shows the relative position of all three pieces of the device, as well as iconic indicators to show which team is in possession of each of the three pieces. Another twist is that dead players can be revived instantly if any passing teammate right-clicks on them. The revived players come back to life with 50 percent health and all the weapons they had when they died. The ability to revive dead teammates creates interesting strategic opportunities--an attack on an enemy base can receive new vigor if a second wave of invaders comes in and revives teammates who died during the first wave. Dead players can also choose to simply respawn in their base after a few seconds have passed and no one has come to revive them.

We'll post the patch tomorrow when it is officially released to the public.

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