New No More Heroes Game Announced Exclusively For Nintendo Switch

Travis Touchdown strikes again next year.

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Nintendo unveiled a ton of new indie games during today's Nindies Summer Showcase presentation. One of the biggest surprises, however, was a new No More Heroes game by famed designer Suda51 and his studio, Grasshopper Manufacture.

Titled No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, the game is a collaboration with other notable indie developers. Taking place seven years after the original No More Heroes, Travis Strikes Again sees the protagonist inhaled by a "phantom game console." He must beat all six of its games and their bosses in order to escape. You can watch the reveal trailer above.

We first learned about a possible new No More Heroes game this past January at Nintendo's big Switch unveiling presentation in Japan. During an infamous segment, Suda51 was invited on stage to talk about the console, though most of what he said was lost on English-speaking viewers as Nintendo's translator struggled to keep up with the eccentric designer. Later, YouTube user iYakku put together a transcript of the segment, which revealed that Suda51 mentioned a new game starring Travis Touchdown that would "become the singularity between indies and the Nintendo Switch."

Nintendo didn't announce a concrete release date for No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, but the game is slated to arrive exclusively on Switch in 2018. You can read about all of the other titles announced during today's Nindies Summer Showcase here.

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Avatar image for edwardnygma

It's nice to see a good Switch exclusive. I am getting closer to buying the console if a few more games come for it.

Avatar image for videogameninja

As many people that will no doubt be thrilled by this news there will be just as many disappointed. Regardless, this is great news for Switch fans. The more exclusives they can secure the better for the Switch brand in the long run. Hopefully we hear more announcements like this as time progresses.


Avatar image for sakaixx

Too bad it wont sell well due to it being on nintendo console. Remembered that the second game sold even less than the ps3 port of the first game. Gotta admire nintendo tho, they payed suda51 lots of money to make a game that dont profit.

Avatar image for kuja-hin

Awesome! I love this franchise! it's the only decent thing Suda51 made anyway...

Avatar image for Prats1993

@kuja-hin: No that would be Killer 7.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

Great! The second game was especially good. Can't wait, finally something good for the Switch.

Avatar image for freeformrulz

glad to see switch getting more and more exclusives. Hopefully they ll have enough games by next year so i can buy one

Avatar image for adsparky

The fact that it was in the indie presentation makes me a little skeptical about the final product.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a26ae86370e4

@adsparky: The press release for the game said that the worlds are going to be from different indie games. The gameplay and other things will be the same as the other games in series.

Avatar image for baron_machina

Oh this is gonna be sweet!

Avatar image for BrokutheMighty

"Exclusive to Switch" my ass. It'll be on the other consoles if they want to make any money at all. The Switch is dogshit compared to the Pro and X. And don't give me that b.s. about how it's sold out and that must mean it must be good or whatever. That just proves there are an incredible amount of dumbasses that buy Nintendo because if its Nintendo it must be good.

Avatar image for brandsome

@BrokutheMighty: The originals seemed to do fine when they were exclusive to the Wii.

Oh, except when NMH1 was ported to those "other consoles" and sold like shit on said consoles

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@BrokutheMighty: *red power ring appears*

you have great rage and anger, welcome to the red lantern corps

Avatar image for moonco

@BrokutheMighty: Did someone at Nintendo accidentally run over you pet cat?

Avatar image for fig56

@BrokutheMighty: LOL. You fail.

Avatar image for aross2004

@BrokutheMighty: What's with all the anger? I imagine a big vein pulsing in the middle of your forehead while you furiously slammed out this message on your keyboard with your meatpaws, (what did that poor keyboard ever do to you)?

Relax dude, the Switch rocks.

Avatar image for rickjamesia

@BrokutheMighty: The Switch is selling incredibly well. I don't know what universe you're living in that you think a popular game on the system won't make money. Your misgivings with the system due to its technical specs are meaningless. It doesn't matter if it's "worse"; only if it sells. The Sega Dreamcast was "better" than the competition at release, but it still flopped. Heck... Gamecube was more powerful than PS2 and Xbox was more functional and had a more developed online ecosystem, but PS2 still did leaps and bounds better than both. And since we're talking about Nintendo here, let's not forget the Wii, which was nearly as ridiculously weak compared to its peers and completely tore expectations to shreds. What I'm saying here is don't go making any investments, because you don't know anything about business.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@rickjamesia: well the small disc did got it a negative bias on the media then.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@BrokutheMighty: I own a ps4, so buying a switch made more sense than buying a pro.

But such anger bruh

Avatar image for cloudyimpulse

This is awesome!

Avatar image for catsimboy

Mmmm, not sure if I like this idea. It sounds like a mish-mash of indie-style games and they're just going to make Travis the star of all of them. There's going to be the obligatory "retro" graphics Zelda clone, a sidescrolling beat em up, and, god, I hope there's no walking simulator segment. That's the kind of stuff that like a minigame within the full game that you play once and then never want to do again.

I'd much rather have a good third person action game that isn't held back by the weak-ass Wii hardware like the first two were.

Avatar image for brandsome

@catsimboy: They're confirmed using UE4 though, so it has to be something more than just minigames

Avatar image for aross2004

My spleen! Loved that game!