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Feature Article

New Nintendo Switch System Update Out Now, Doesn't Do Much

System stability improvements have arrived.

The latest Nintendo Switch firmware update has arrived, but don't get too excited. Version 8.1.0 is out now, and it doesn't do much, at least based on Nintendo's official description. The official patch notes are one line long.

"General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience," the patch notes state regarding the system update. It's possible other tweaks could be included that are not listed, but there's no indication of that thus far.

Your Switch will most likely download the update automatically if you have it connected to the internet. To verify you have the latest version installed, head to the System Settings menu and look for Version 8.1.0. You can also manually trigger the update on the System Settings menu.

In other Switch news, it was recently reported that production on the rumored new Switch models has begun, and that Nintendo moved production out of China due to the threat of Trump's tariffs. One of the consoles reportedly has beefier specs, while the other is reportedly a lower-cost alternative that may feature a different form factor. Those could launch as soon as this year.

Nintendo made no hardware announcements at E3, but the company still had a lot to share. Perhaps Nintendo's biggest news from Nintendo at E3 was the announcement of a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Additionally, Banjo is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Eddie Makuch

Bring back the Whalers.
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Like pretty much ps4 update since launch ,a lot of nothing

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Playstation 4 update does nothing much ,xbox1 update does nothing much , switch update does nothing much . If don’t do nothing much why report it

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Why post an article on this? I don't get it. Is GS really starving for news?

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@gjozefi: Ur new here huh

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Basiaccly the patch is to stop softmodders from adding features like themes and emulation to the console they won't add.

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@natt96z: Thanks.

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Useless news article #103,868,392

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@nikolistary: You do know that clicking on articles like this and commenting guarantees they'll post more of these!

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@blade256: I know. But just as McDonald's makes crappy burgers and won't stop making them, I won't stop commenting on how crappy they are lol

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@nikolistary: haha. Ok, they won't stop posting these articles, because you will not stop commenting and you won't stop commenting because they will not stop posting. Well, I guess I'll see you at the next system update article. Later. :p

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@nikolistary: wait, you'Re still coming here after so many articles you consider useless?? Sounds like you're wasting your time much.

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@heqteur: Bored at work, my friend.