New Nintendo Switch Pro Might Feature Nvidia's DLSS Support - Report

The rumored Switch iteration might feature a new chip that sports better CPU performance, more memory, and DLSS support.


Rumors surrounding a potential Nintendo Switch revision continue to pile up, this time with indications that the new console might feature hardware with Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support. [Update: A new rumor suggests Switch Pro will be revealed before E3 2021.]

A report from Bloomberg cites sources close to the project that confirm the new Switch revision will feature a new SoC (system on chip) from Nvidia. The new chip will feature better CPU performance and additional memory, which could help the Switch reach the proposed 4K output that previous reports have implied it will feature.

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Perhaps the biggest addition is DLSS, which is reportedly supported by this new SoC. DLSS has been exclusive to PC, with Nvidia using the upscaling technology to drastically increase performance at higher resolutions with little to no impact on visual quality. DLSS would certainly make a mobile device like the Nintendo Switch more capable of reaching resolutions higher than its native 720p display, and inch closer to 4K when docked.

Previous reports from Bloomberg have suggested that the new Switch will also feature a bigger 7-inch display, this time with an OLED panel instead of LCD. This should improve image quality while also improving battery life, with the report suggesting that the display will fit within the current design of the Switch. Nintendo has repeatedly avoided confirming the existence of this new hardware revision, but reports suggest it is being prepared for launch this year, with production starting in June. Nintendo declined to comment on Bloomberg's report, too.

The Nintendo Switch is still a roaring success for Nintendo, with the console selling strong during 2020 thanks to popular titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Monster Hunter Rise is the next big release for the console, with the action game launching on March 26.

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