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New Nintendo Switch Game Is Animal Crossing With Cats

Purrfect, just purrfect.


If you're still holding out for Animal Crossing on Switch, this adorable kitty-themed title might be for you. Mineko's Night Market, a game about exploration and crafting, is coming to Switch.

The development team, Meowza Games, tweeted out earlier this week that the title will be coming to Switch. While we still don't have an exact release date, Mineko's Night Market is expected to launch this fall on PC, Mac, and Switch.

While the team claims the title is about "crafting crafts, friending friends, and catting cats," there's a bit more to Mineko's Night Market than that. You'll play as Mineko and her giant cat-like friend Abe, shortly after Mineko moves to Mount Fugu Island. Together, you'll gather resources and craft items to sell at your market stall, play loads of mini-games, and of course, befriend lots and lots and lots of kitties.

But for as much as it is about exploration and crafting, Mineko's Night Market also draws from Japanese folklore. Yes, the game is about soaking in the mundane, but it also has a story to tell about friendship and tradition.

If Mineko's Night Market is a little too tame for your tastes, Get ready for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is releasing on Switch this August. For even more Switch news, keep your eyes peeled for this week's 13 new releases.

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