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New Nintendo Labo Kit Is All About Vehicles

Watch a trailer and get all the details on the new Nintendo Labo: Vehicle kit for Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo has announced another Nintendo Labo kit, this one being focused on vehicles. The Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit, as it's called, launches on September 14 and comes with cardboard materials you can use to create things like a car, a submarine, a plane, and more.

It also includes a "key," which you can inset into any of the vehicles. To switch between vehicles you can remove the key and slot in a new one. The pack also includes a single pedal for driving. Check out the video embedded above to see how this works, and to get a first look at some of the mini-games you can play using the Vehicle Kit.

The Vehicle Kit is priced at $70 in the United States. It follows the previously released Variety Kit ($70) and Robot Kit ($80) that came out in April. You need a Nintendo Switch to play.

Nintendo also reminded players that the Vehicle Kit supports the Toy-Con Garage, which is the set of programming tools that you can use to further customise your creations.

This isn't the first time Nintendo Labo and racing games have come together. In June, Nintendo updated Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to let you play with Toy-Con controllers.

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