New, next-gen Far Cry to stalk Xboxes in spring

Current-gen console gets sequel, Xbox 360 gets combination of new chapter and re-worked Far Cry Instincts.


Gamers may just be finishing up Jack Carver's first tropical-island adventure on the Xbox, but that doesn't mean it's too early for a sequel. Though the critically acclaimed Far Cry Instincts was just released in late September, Ubisoft today announced plans for a new chapter of Far Cry to appear on both the Xbox and Xbox 360 this spring.

Far Cry Instincts Next Chapter (working title) continues the hunter-has-become-the-hunted gameplay of Instincts with new characters, storyline, and features. Details on the game are still under wraps, but screenshots released by Ubisoft reveal that vehicular combat will return, and the game's main star, its dangerous island setting, will also be back.

The series makes its debut on the Xbox 360 with Far Cry Instincts Predator for the Xbox 360. Predator will include both "an enhanced" version of Far Cry Instincts and a next-gen version of Far Cry Instincts Next Chapter. Ubisoft claims that the 360 versions will feature advanced pathfinding, more enemies onscreen at one time, and complex artificial intelligence.

Ubisoft has not yet released pricing or rating information for the sequel. Read GameSpot's full review of Far Cry Instincts, which was rated M for Mature, for background on the upcoming game. The original Far Cry was released for the PC in 2004.

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