New Neversoft title will be the "biggest game" of 2005...or 2006

Executive boasts the all-new IP from Activision's internal studio will be the top title of the year it is released.


Besides announcing a fusillade of high-profile sequels, Activision today revealed it is working on an all-new intellectual property. In a press release, the publisher announced the as yet unnamed game is being developed alongside a Tony Hawk's Underground sequel by internal studio Neversoft.

While the statement did not mention any platform for either the unnamed title or THUG 3, it comes just a month after Neversoft listed a position for an "Xbox 2 Console Engine Programmer" on its Web site. The listing also augured the creation of a new IP, reading, "We still intend to support the Tony Hawk franchise, but we have some other ideas that we want to bring to life."

In the release, Ron Doornink, CEO of Activision Publishing, said, "We are very excited about Neversoft's new game, which is not a sports title, and will continue expanding the studio's development resources." However, the kind words in the release paled in comparison to what he said later. Speaking to analysts in a post-earnings-announcement conference call, the CEO stated bluntly that the Neversoft title will be "the biggest game of next year." Doornink's statement came during his discussion of Activision's 2006 financial year, which runs from April 2005 to March 2006.

GameSpot will have more details on this high-profile mystery title and the next Tony Hawk game as they become available.

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