New Need For Speed Officially Announced With First Trailer And Screens

Need for Speed: Payback in coming in November.

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After sharing the first details about it last month, EA today officially announced Need for Speed: Payback, the newest entry in its long-running racing series. Need for Speed: Payback is due out on November 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

According to EA, it will have "intense heist missions, high stakes car battles, epic cop pursuits, and jaw dropping set pieces." The game is set in the fictional world of Fortune Valley, and you will drive as three different characters: Tyler, Mac, and Jess. In what EA and developer Ghost Games are calling a "gripping story of betrayal and revenge," players will try to take down an evil cartel that controls the city's underworld known as The House. Check out the trailer above.

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"Players will take on the roles of three distinct playable characters reunited by a quest for vengeance against The House, a nefarious cartel that rules the city’s casinos, criminals and cops," it explained in a press release. "Each driver must take on races, missions and challenges to earn the respect of the Valley’s underground and enter the ultimate race to take down The House."

Car customisation is a big part of Payback, as EA claims the game has the "deepest" customisation ever in the series. Additionally, the press release mentions a betting system where players can wager funds on their performance and receive a nice payday--or lose it all.

People who pre-order Payback will get the Platinum Car Pack and access to five cars at launch, each of which is outfitted with "Platinum Blue Tire" smoke. The five cars are:

  • Nissan 350Z 2008
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967
  • Dodge Charger R/T 1969
  • Ford F-150 Raptor 2016
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 2016

A Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, includes the Platinum Car Pack and other bonuses such as more customisation items (including a license plate and NOS colour), as well as in-game discounts and XP bonuses. Additionally, this version of the game unlocks three days early, starting on November 7.

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If you're an EA/Origin Access subscriber, you can play Payback for 10 hours starting on November 2. Members save 10 percent on the game, bringing the price down to $54.

Unlike the 2015 reboot, Need for Speed: Payback does not require a constant internet connection. More details and footage of the racing game are expected to be divulged during EA's E3 events later this month.

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Avatar image for Dav_id83

Underground 1 and 2 will always be my fav games of the series but then I think about Hot Pursuit 2 on PS2

Avatar image for trojax

Now THIS looks like it's going to be a church'd out NFS! About damn time. The last few NFS sux'd!

Avatar image for oo7feynmann

Another need for speed:run?

Avatar image for cheezeneck

Now please, please, don't make this one always online.

I just want a game I can play offline or online.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@cheezeneck: "Unlike the 2015 reboot, Need for Speed: Payback does not require a constant internet connection."

Avatar image for Alecmrhand

It might be good, i cant tell. The trailer was more confusing than informative.

3 playable characters?

What are the odds its the ole' classic-- 1 white dude , 1 black dude, and 1 girl.


Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

For all the morons who say this looks like Fast & Furious. Does any of you realize Underground and all follow up games (U2, Most Wanted, Carbon) are inspired by the success of F&F movies? But please continue with pretending to know anything. ;)

Avatar image for 404FredNotFound

You can't even buy the games digitally its kinda of absurd if you think about it, only physical copy if you can find it, witch is a retarded move I think EA would be better off releasing remastered editions of these games, Id sure buy that.

Avatar image for cyberpunk_2077

Most Wanted and Underground 2 bring back amazing memories, I can only hope that we get something similar again.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Most Wanted 2005 still the best NFS to date.

Avatar image for gp3tron

Rest in Peace, Need For Speed... (1994-2017)

Avatar image for gp3tron

@gp3tron: This is Incredible, Why didnt you just do a Fast n Furious game?

Need For speed has Always been about Races, with Cops Sometimes After you, Daylight Or Nighttime, With Different Kinds of Cars, Customized as Whatever I want to customize it With, And, Decorated and Painted However I want it to be Painted (yeah, Remember the Need For Speed WOrld Painting Section? It was Pretty POWERFUL even for a Free To Play Game, you could do Almost anything With the Vinyls, and Paint ANY Colour You liked, and as some Vinyls let you, as you painted them also, you could make some pretty wild Stuff, What For? to let Everyone know it was YOUR car, and Yours Only. Another thing, You cant make it So Easy to Earn Cars, But Its also STupid To make it Impossible, What Interest Am i Gonna have to Keep Playing iF 30 minutes into the game I already have a Lamborghini? or a Porsche? Or a Koeniggsegg? Thats Crap. Now its Also Stupid for me To have to Play a YEAR to get That Lambo, or the Porsche, Unless its some Ultra Mega SUper Special Limited Edition one. Also Tracks. Man, This is Hard to think about, Bring Circuits? have the races In the City and in closed Tracks? Street Races only? There Could be Race Tracks I guess, Maybe? Or too Sporty? Dunno, I always liked the close Tracks, then again im a GRID/F1 Fan, so... Ok, Shortcuts, You have to bring them into some Races, maybe not all of them, cause it could feel stupid in some class Races, I guess, but they do come in handy, now, I think There should be Circuit Street Races, and Also Point to Point, I think they both have their charm, And could bring their flavour to the table, also, You HAVE to Bring some Tuning Customization, I mean, Brake Balance, Direction, Long Short Gears, etc... It has to be there in some way, What Else? You might Want to think something about Racing for Pink Slips or Something like that, think about it... Damage, oh Damage, you Bastard, you, Oh god.... Ok, There HAS to be Damage, in the game, AND the Option to Turn it Off, or On, Make It Of Visual, AND Realistic, Guys it HAS to Be There, no more BS about Damage not Affecting Cars, Why? Are We all 9 Years old? No, I wanna know I finished that race With Only a Scratch or two, Maybe one Light Broken, ya know, cause i got lucky I just missed that guy, and the corner there, and the Pothole, And the Column... It Makes it EXCITING... Ok, What Else? Ok Cockpits, oh the Cockpit Internal View, oh man, I loved those cockpits in High Stakes, And still, the driving didnt feel that complicated, or too Simmy, But We´re in 2017 and I guess making those Cockpits look Good in This Era, is kind of Too much Hard Work? Yes? No? Maybe? Hmm... Still, Id love to see Different Views, Flexible Options for that, Could be cool...

Avatar image for columbosoftserv

@gp3tron: Nobody is going to read this. Give us a TL;DR.

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

@gp3tron: k

Avatar image for vfighter

So they were making a fast and Furious game and lost the license?

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

I really miss NFS High Stakes. Rivals was the absolute BEST with friends. I would love NFS High Stakes 2 though.

I've played them all and the ones that really stand out are,

- High Stakes (I had a blast actually being the cop and setting up my own roadblocks, it was also Local MP and was hella fun)
- Most Wanted 05' (Loved the story and just had so much fun being chased by the cops)
- Carbon (Fun SP with their crew management system)
- Rivals (Just pure fun with friends, it didn't feel like a sim and had it's own unique thing going on.)

The last one wasn't bad but yea I hope they improve with their next one as a long time NFS fan. I like being a Cop too!!

Avatar image for deactivated-5b797108c254e

I know a lot of the people are complaining about the story and whatnot but what drove me away from NFS is that I used to love the earlier arcade-style games where you could ram into everything and be ok...I used to drive like a maniac, do all sorts of stunts and I had fun! But the last 5 or so NFS I keep being careful not to hit anything and all the joy just gets sucked out of playing.

I hate simulation-style driving (which I know NFS isn't but they're closer to it than they used to be). Let me drive my car like I'm in a pinball machine again!

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

After NFSU2, Criterions Most Wanted was the best, just constant racing, no bullshit. Last one was pretty average

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@dudebropartyyo: Are you insane??? Criterion's 2012's Most Wanted was a huge drop of the ball on their part after their awesome creation in 2010's which blows 2012's Most Wanted out of the water.. 2005's Most Wanted is miles better (which isn't made by Criterion) than 2012's Most Wanted.

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

@PSYCHOV3N0M: Just because my taste is different to yours doesnt make me insane. Yes i love Criterions Most Wanted and still play it online every now and then, always lots of people playing it. I dont see whats wrong with the game. Its fast, nice physics, great multy player, nice selection of cars.

Old Most Wanted is good, not the best physics tho.

Avatar image for Daveof89

I'll probably try it, because ea access... but I have low expectations

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

I will wait for it to come out, I got the last NFS and being I have a lot games in my inventory I only could try a little. I found the little I played was okay. Story and plot is not for everybody, if you are listening more about the story then racing. I am not heavy into racing but I will dab a little here and there.

Avatar image for cjtopspin

Haven't played an EA based racing game since Motor City Online.

....just realized...oh my god I'm so old...

Avatar image for marcio_br

I don't get it. Is that complicated to just hear the fans? I mean, I would just pick the latest NFS from 2015, tweak the physics and handling, disable the full time online crap, enable daytime/night time cycles, get rid of the story, place more cars, more tunning, and it would still be better than this "NFS: payback".

Avatar image for Naylord

@marcio_br: I'm in the minority but I liked the lack of a day/night cycle. Daytime city driving looks so drab and boring. I love the look of streetlights and rainslick pavement at night.

Avatar image for marcio_br

@Naylord: I also don't care about daytime racing...but it seems like most of the people want it, so, why not? At least EA would be listening the fans.

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

@marcio_br: Or just make it similar to Criterions Most Wanted, just constant racing and no bullshit :)

Avatar image for ahn19

EA just needs to quit

Avatar image for bigruss51

Need for speed is trash

Avatar image for y2guru

The best in the series will always be Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (Playstation2) it was fast, the music was great, car selection was awesome and the routes were challenging (included shortcuts)

EA needs to look back at this game and use it as the foundation for the series.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@y2guru: I've never played Hot Pursuit 2. I hope they release it as a PS2 on PS4 game with an upgraded HD resolution.

Avatar image for karenwen

@y2guru: I would call it a respectable starting point since that capped off the classic NFS series and did so on a high note. Most kids nowadays would think the recent iterations were good since they weren't born yet in NFS's best days.

Avatar image for y2guru

NO MORE STORY DRIVEN CRAP in this franchise!! Just pick a freakin car and race from A to B avoiding cops (or be a cop catching a racer) that's it, real simple!

Avatar image for cody20

This is a cash grab. "If there can be 8 Fast & Furious movies that make billions, we should follow the same formula and also make billions." Nevermind the fact that the studio could give a crap about the quality of the actual racing, or god forbid making the user EARN anything. If I'm an hour into the game and I'm driving a Lambo, Pagani, Ferarri, Mclaren, Bugatti, etc., I'm selling it immediately.

Avatar image for masscrack

Are yall saving underground 3 for a rainy day or what? I won't play until there is a new underground thats as good as underground 1 and 2... but besides that I may have grown out of racing games I believe.

Avatar image for expredator

Looks meh

They gotta do a hard reset for NfS already

Avatar image for Addict187

Take my money now!

Avatar image for chubby170

Just make Underground 3 already.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

So Fast and Furious the game? Nahh, I'll pass.

Avatar image for chubby170

@lionheartssj1: Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Avatar image for WarFox89

story and plot in a racing game is just a bad idea and useless. Why can't they get it !?

Avatar image for darthrevenx
DarthRevenX's fast and the Furious then??? well, I'm out......NFS just gets to be more trashy with each entry.....please EA shelve this IP FFS....1-2 year hiatus wasn't long enough......

Avatar image for hayato_

I'm definitely looking forward to it. If it has any of the set pieces that Need for Speed: the run had than its an insta-buy from me. The reboot was ok, but I ended up selling it later because the story just didn't go anywhere after I beat it. I did spend 40 + hours making designs and they weren't even half as good as the some the ones online so I hope that comes back. Oh and a better soundtrack too

Avatar image for marcio_br

Uh oh.

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