New Need For Speed Coming Soon, EA Confirms

I've got a need. A need for speed!

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EA has confirmed it will release a new Need for Speed title soon. The publisher said in an investor call that it plans to launch the new game before the end of March 2020.

"We'll be delivering many other new experiences to players throughout the remainder of this fiscal year," said EA CEO Andrew Wilson. "We'll take the wraps off our new Need for Speed game heading into Gamescom in a few weeks.

"We [also] have plans for a Plants Vs. Zombies shooter title, coming to console and PC later this year."

The most recent Need for Speed game, Payback, launched in 2017 to a mixed reception, including a 5/10 in GameSpot's review. The upcoming Plants Vs. Zombies shooter, expected to be Garden Warfare 3, was stealth announced just recently with the codename "Picnic." Not long before that, EA announced another mainline PvZ title. Plants Vs. Zombies 3 is currently in the pre-alpha testing phase, but a final release date has not been confirmed.

Elsewhere in the investor call, EA revealed how much money it makes from its live services such as Apex Legends and FIFA 19, as well as EA Access, which recently launched on PS4. The company also confirmed NBA Live 20 has been delayed.

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Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

Unless this hard-core dives back into the series like it was during the Underground/Most Wanted era... meh.
Series hasn't been any good since Carbon, and even that was pushing it with it's 'team mechanics'.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

NFS Payback was the worst NFS I've ever played cars are literally programmed to slingshot past you if you don't have the right loot box parts. Doesn't matter if you are doing 200 mph the AI was programmed to go higher than your limit if you're under level.

Avatar image for tony56723

Oh boy another love service with grindy, uninspired gameplay that pushes microtransactions. What a wonderful era of gaming we’re in.

Avatar image for cottonfly

Need For Speed: Live Service.

Pay for the game, then pay for everything in the game.

Avatar image for Pupchu

@cottonfly: Grind for 500 hours to afford a new turbine for your car, or pay 4,99 to unlock it immediatly. Yuph, you called it.

Avatar image for kstaggs87

If it’s not a remake of underground or something close to it, I don’t care.

Avatar image for proxima1025

@kstaggs87: Underground 2 was a seminal classic, not a reboot but a return would be welcome and without any 'surprise mechanics' but it's EA so I guess it'll be another piece of crap that has many unwanted mechanics for separating fools and their money.

Avatar image for armnd29

@kstaggs87: Exactly what im thinking too.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

need for payment. Is your car too slow? For just 4.99 you can unlock the next turbo stage.