New NBA 2K17 Trailer Shows Off Joyous Highs and Painful Lows

Basketball is an emotional sport.

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2K Sports has released a new trailer for NBA 2K17. Titled "Momentous," the video shows off some of the NBA's biggest stars, including Paul George, Kemba Walker, Dwyane Wade, and Andre Drummond, celebrating nice plays and lamenting tough ones.

The video is set to the Imagine Dragons song "Gold" and is longer than you might have guessed, coming in at around 2.5 minutes. It also spotlights some things we haven't seen in real life yet, like Kevin Durant and Wade wearing their new jerseys for Golden State and Chicago, respectively.

2K17 launches on September 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, although preordering lets you get your hands on it early.

While the full game doesn't come out until next week, you can get started today with the free NBA 2K17 Prelude app. This lets you start building your character for the game's MyCareer mode. The app might also be poking fun at an old NBA Live glitch.

Kemba Walker is bummed out
Kemba Walker is bummed out

In other news about NBA 2K17, gameplay director Mike Wang has published an in-depth blog post that goes over many of the new gameplay features for the game. Read it here.

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