New NBA 2K16 Video Highlights Career Mode's Many Distractions

MyCareer offers a number of ways to spend your off-days.


There isn't any shortage of things to do on your off-days in NBA 2K16's MyCareer mode, if today's new trailer is any indication.

MyCareer features a Spike Lee-directed story that follows your player's path from high school standout to NBA star. The trailer shows that the "central hub" for your career is the MyCourt. This is a practice facility that you're free to customize--everything from the floor to the walls to the hoop itself can be designed to your liking. (2K16 also lets you design NBA arenas and teams.)

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Your MyCareer progress (which is to say, your many awards) and even your shoe collection can be showcased here. You can also invite your friends onto your court, either so that you can then launch into other modes or so you can play a pickup game.

When you don't have an actual game to play, your player still needs to do something with his off-days. There are any number of options: You might have to do something to meet the contract of an endorsement deal you've signed, or you can earn rewards by spending time bolstering your connections with other NBA players and legends. Alternatively, you can choose to improve your skills in the new live practice mode. This mode consists of doing drills and interacting with teammates and coaches, among other things. It looks as if you can end up spending more time with these off-days than you do playing actual games.

NBA 2K16 launches on on September 29, but you can start playing early by preordering.

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