New My Nintendo Rewards And Game Discounts Available Now

Here are the latest 3DS and Wii U game discounts from My Nintendo.


Nintendo has introduced a handful of new rewards to the My Nintendo program. As usual, the rewards come in the form of discounts, which are only applicable for select 3DS and Wii U games.

The new discounts encompass a handful of recent and classic Mario titles for both consoles. On 3DS, My Nintendo members can get 40% off of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (120 Gold points), 30% off of Mario Sports Superstars (90 Gold points), and 30% off of Yoshi's New Island (50 Gold points).

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On the Wii U side, the delightful puzzle game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is 40% off (90 Gold points). Members can also get 45% off of the classic Super Mario Bros. 3 (20 Gold points) and 40% off of the SNES puzzle game Wario's Woods (200 Platinum points) on either Wii U or 3DS.

Other new rewards include 40% off of the 3DS launch title Pilotwings Resort (120 Gold points), 50% off of the excellent GBC Legend of Zelda game, Oracle of Ages (30 Gold points), 40% off of Art Academy (90 Gold points), 50% off of the classic Balloon Fight (250 Platinum points), and 40% off of City Connection (160 Platinum points). You can find the full list of rewards on the My Nintendo website.

All of the above rewards are available until the beginning of July, giving you quite a bit of time to take advantage of any that may catch your eye. My Nintendo members can also still grab the latest batch of free games from the rewards program. Players have until May 23 to redeem their Gold points for full-game downloads of Star Wars Pinball, Mighty Switch Force 2, Woah Dave, and Fast Racing Neo.

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