New My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie Trailer Is Plus Ultra

Plus, Midoriya begins to take a more active leader role.


Funimation has released a new trailer for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the upcoming movie that takes place between the events of the anime's second and third season. The trailer contains flashbacks to when All Might still had complete use over his superpowered Quirk, One For All.

In Two Heroes, All Might takes his protege Midoriya to I-Expo, an exhibition for Quirk abilities and equipment that can enhance them. There, Midoriya meets one of All Might's greatest friends, David Shield, whose daughter Melissa was also born Quirkless. Already beginning to weaken from his injuries, All Might is powerless to stop Wolfram--a villain with a Quirk that allows him to control metal--by himself, so Midoriya, his classmates, and Melissa come to his aid to save the day.

Two Heroes also contains flashbacks to when All Might was still a young man. These scenes showcase how All Might and David first met, where All Might's first costume came from, and how All Might acted prior to receiving his life-threatening injuries. The new trailer has a few of these scenes, including one where All Might effortlessly punches a villain hard enough to create a small sonic boom, something we saw the hero struggle to do in the first season of the anime.

My Hero Academia is an anime about a future society where most people are born with superpowers called Quirks, transforming the idea of superheroes into a professional job. The timid Midoriya idolizes heroes, especially the world's greatest All Might, but he was unluckily born Quirkless. However, when a chance encounter with his idol allows Midoriya to show All Might his potential, the old hero lets the young boy in on his secret: All Might's Quirk, One For All, can be passed from person to person. Still badly injured from a previous fight with his archenemy and not getting any better, All Might decides to give One For All to Midoriya. All Might then helps Midoriya enroll in Japan's top hero prep high school, and promises to use his remaining days to train the young boy into becoming the world's next symbol of peace.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes will premier in English on September 25, 27, and 29. The movie will play in theaters in the original Japanese on September 26 and October 2. You can find the nearest theater to you playing the movie, and at what times, on Funimation.

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