New Movie Releases This Week For iTunes, Google Play, And More

Escape Room is Saw meets Cube minus the gore.

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Every week, there is a ton of content coming out on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and content-specific services like Shudder. However, each week, there are movie releases digitally on services like Google Play and iTunes as well as physical DCD/Blu-ray releases at retail stores.

It's a pretty light week for releases, but there is one worth picking up, and that's Escape Room. It wasn't a huge hit and critics felt lukewarm about it, but the movie ended up being a ton of fun. The movie follows a group of people who are trying to win a cash prize by beating an escape room that can kill you. It's like Cube meets Saw, but they took out all the gore. It's very much a "turn off your brain and enjoy the ride" type of movie, which is a nice refresher between movies where superheroes are punching people through walls. GameSpot recently spoke with Escape Room star Deborah Ann Woll about her role in the film: "Generally in my career, I get cast as the sort of strong willed person with their heart on their sleeve. And it was really nice to play a physical person [this time]." You can check out an exclusive clip from the film above.

Additionally, What Men Want hits digital markets today. In the 2019 comedy, Taraji P. Henson stars as a sports agent in a male-dominated profession who gains the ability to hear men's thoughts. Also available is Under The Silver Lake, a thriller starring Andrew Garfield. He plays Sam, who meets a mysterious woman at his apartment complex's swimming pool. The woman disappears and Sam goes on an adventure to find her, only learning there's a conspiracy behind her absence. Under The Silver Lake is also available to rent for $5.

Below, you'll find a listing of the most notable digital and physical releases for this week. If you plan on shopping digitally, make sure to check multiple retailers as prices and availability may vary.

DVD/Blu-ray/4K releases

Digital releases

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