New Monster Hunter World Video Showcases Gorgeous Coral Highlands Area

Take a virtual tour through the stunning environment.


Capcom continues to show off more footage of Monster Hunter World ahead of the game's PS4 and Xbox One launch this month. You can read all about it in our Monster Hunter World review, but the latest video the publisher shared gives fans a tour of one of the game's most visually stunning and seldom-seen areas so far, the beautiful Coral Highlands.

In the nearly 10-minute-long video, which you can watch above, Capcom takes viewers through the otherworldly environment. The Highlands resemble an overgrown reef, with towering stalks of coral blanketing the landscape and ziplines linking together different portions of the map. Many unusual-looking monsters can be found in the Coral Highlands, including the fuzzy, bat-like Paolumu and the terrifying Legiana, both of which are encountered in the video.

The Coral Highlands is one of the few maps from Monster Hunter World that Capcom has shown off in great detail. The publisher has also showcased the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, both of which were featured during Monster Hunter World's two beta tests. We also got a peek at volcanic and snowy areas in the recent trailer for the fearsome Elder Dragons.

Capcom is holding a third and final Monster Hunter World beta this month before the game launches. As before, this beta will be exclusive to PS4 players. It runs from January 19-21 and features the same three monsters to hunt as in the previous betas--the Great Jagras, Anjanath, and Barroth--as well as a new monster, the Nergigante. A similar beta hasn't been announced for the Xbox One version.

Monster Hunter World releases for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26. The game is also coming to PC, though it won't arrive to that platform until this fall. Capcom recently explained why PC players will have to wait longer for Monster Hunter World. A group of Monster Hunter fans have also begun an initiative to mentor newcomers to the series.

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