New Monster Hunter Stories 2 Trailer, Gameplay Details Revealed

Capcom gave us a much closer look at the turn-based battle system of the upcoming Monster Hunter spin-off.


Capcom shared some new details on Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin during its April Monster Hunter digital event. The publisher kicked the stream off by showcasing a new trailer for the game, which introduced a handful of new and familiar characters that you'll encounter during the course of the adventure.

The trailer, which you can watch below, reveals a bit more insight into the game's story. It appears Riders and Hunters are working together to capture the wingless Rathalos, Ratha, which contains a dormant power that can destroy the world if awakened. The trailer also confirms that Lilia and Reverto, two characters who appeared in the previous Monster Hunter Stories, will return in the new game.

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Capcom also shared more details on Monster Hunter Stories 2's battle system. Unlike the mainline series, combat in Stories 2 is turn-based. You'll initiate a battle by running into a monster while in the field, then select actions from a menu as in the previous Monster Hunter Stories. Attacks and monsters in this game fall into one of three different categories--Speed, Power, and Technical--which exist in a rock-paper-scissors dynamic.

There are other nuances to the battle system. During battle, you are able to target certain parts of a monster's body, which in turn can "break" that part and stun the monster. Choose the same type of attack as your Monstie and you'll unleash a Double Attack. You can also fight alongside Battle Buddies--other characters and their monster companions--for more chances to unleash Double Attacks. Landing these attacks will not only deal damage, but also fill up your Kinship gauge, which you can then use to perform special Rider and Monstie skills.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin launches for Nintendo Switch and PC on July 9. In addition to the standard version, Capcom is releasing a collector's edition of the game that packs in various physical and digital extras, including a Razewing Ratha Amiibo figure and Deluxe Kit DLC pack. You can learn more in our Monster Hunter Stories 2 preorder guide.

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