New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Pack Out Now, Adds Quests, Weapons, Armour

Find out what's new in the latest crop of content.


Capcom has released a free downloadable content pack for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, adding a mixture of new quests, weapons, and armour to the game.

As detailed in the Capcom-Unity blog, the pack contains 12 new quests (including two arena challengers), five weapons, a new complete armour set, four unique armour pieces, and a new Palico called Olliver. There's also a fresh guild card background and eight new guild titles.

Highlights from the pack include the Commemoration Sword, Teddybear Hammer, and GX Hunter armour. Your feline companion can now also be outfitted with the Melodic Palico set.

To get this content, you must connect the Nintendo 3DS, access the DLC menu from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, select your downloads.

In May 2015, Capcom reported its financial performance for the fiscal year fiscal year ended March 31. Sales of Monster Hunter 4G and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate were highlighted as a key success. In February Capcom revealed more than three million copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate had been shipped worldwide, while total franchise sales had reached 32 million units.

Upcoming Capcom projects include Street Fighter V, which is exclusive to PlayStation 4 on consoles. Monster Hunter X was also announced for the 3DS in May 2015.

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my favorite 3ds game love it keep it coming.

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I had this content a while ago on 4G, if you're still playing this game, or just got it on a sale? Don't forget to get your (free) content ^0^ you can never have too much Monster Hunter :)

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Bring it to the PS4/Wii U and I'll get it. I don't care if it has shit graphic or not. I played MH3 on the Wii and that game was so fucking bad ass. Game ran flawless online. Would much rather play this game on a console than a handheld since I play it for long hours and can't stand holding the 3DS that long. Doesn't help if you still have the old 3DS with only one analog stick.

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@Abomination713: Monster Hunter 3 did not sell very well on the Wii, and for years has been an almost portable loyal fanbase. You can't blame them when the consoles can't break even in sales. It's just common sense to focus on the 3DS.

Also, ever consider getting a circle pad pro?

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@Abomination713: I absolutely agree. I don't know why they haven't brought this game to the Wii U. I played MH3U on the Wii U and it was absolutely AMAZING! I picked up MH4U on the 3DS, and while it was good...I agree with your assessment that it's not a game I feel I can play for hours upon hours on the handheld.