New Modern Warfare 2 trailer revealed

New trailer showcases story and new locations; Russian ultranationalist unveiled as baddie.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Everything the world has seen thus far of Infinity Ward's upcoming Modern Warfare 2 has been a tease. The first trailer, released during the Game Developers Conference, showed almost nothing, while the second was unveiled earlier this month showing only a few seconds of gameplay, with a promise to unveil more on May 24. It looks like developer Infinity Ward has made good on that promise, with the trailer released today showing more than two minutes of gameplay and cutscenes from the upcoming sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Today's trailer--titled Reveal--seems to confirm the game's US/European Special Forces vs. rogue Russians storyline that carries on from the first Modern Warfare, with the trailer beginning with a flashback of your final encounter with Imran Zakhaev. A new organisation has spread from the shadow of Zakhaev, it seems, led by the Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Makarov. From there, the new trailer shows plenty of action, including a new location not hinted at before--the streets of Rio de Janeiro, where it looks like battle will occur on the streets, through some city slums, and even on low-lying rooftops.

Reveal also shows more of the snowmobile sections hinted at in the previous trailer, including a wicked-looking takedown of someone gunning at full acceleration on a snowmobile. It looks like Modern Warfare 2 will continue the first game's gritty tone: one scene shows hostages strapped with explosives, and another shows two soldiers prepping a car battery for use in torture while a bound prisoner with a black hood over his face squirms helplessly in a chair.

The trailer ends with an attack on what looks like a European castle, with the final shot being a first-person perspective of a soldier being rapidly lifted out of the ruined premises by a hovering helicopter (think the Hong Kong extraction scene in The Dark Knight). Modern Warfare 2 is due out for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 10.

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