New mode fights onto Tekken 5

Namco reveals a new mode for its popular brawler that features new gameplay mechanics.


Tekken 5

Namco today announced details of a new bonus game mode to be featured in the upcoming fisticuffs game Tekken 5, set for release February 22 on the PlayStation 2. The additional mode allows new moves and an expansion into the story of one of the game's leading characters.

The untitled mode follows fighters as they move from stage to stage, taking on multiple enemies. Gamers will unravel more backstory concerning lead character Jin Kazama as they perform maneuvers that are not in the game's main mode, including "blasting off or pounding a large number of enemies," according to Namco, and pugilists can also jump to higher levels, destroy parts of the environment, and defy physics by double-jumping.

Tekken 5 features three new characters: Raven, Feng Wei, and Kazama Asuka (bringing the default roster to 20), with more for gamers to unlock. By winning fights, gamers earn money that can be spent on a new wardrobe that includes costumes, hats, and glasses.

Tekken 5 is currently sucking down coins in the arcades in Japan. For more information on Tekken 5, check out our previous coverage.

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