New Microsoft Hololens Video Shows Headset's Actual Field of View, Potential Uses in Medicine

A new video showing off the headset in use at a university also reveals its actual field of view.


The Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset had an impressive showing at E3, but it was limited to demos behind closed doors. The public wasn't able to see what looking through the headset is like.

Now, a video showcasing the headset's uses at Case Western Reserve University reveals the actual field of view for the headset. The augmented reality "window" appears to take up about half of the screen, occupying a rectangle in the middle of the glasses' field of view.

Even though it seems to be slightly limited by a small viewing window, it's still an impressive piece of technology. The video shows some promising real-world applications of the headset, including making it easier to teach students anatomy. One professor remarked that it will be useful because it lets students fail in areas of study (such as anatomy) which generally have high consequences for mistakes.

Past videos demonstrating Hololens showed much more of the AR scenes, due to special cameras designed by Microsoft. This video shows the headset's actual field of view for the first time.

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Recently, NASA also worked with Microsoft to send Hololens headsets up to the International Space Station to help train astronauts in space, although those were lost in a rocket explosion.

GameSpot was able to go hands-on with Hololens at E3, and we came away impressed. You can read our preview here.

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