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New Metal Gear Solid 5 Screenshots Feature Diamond Dog

Diamond Dog can ride alongside Snake.


New screenshots from the upcoming Metal Solid V: The Phantom Pain have emerged online. Posted by a Metal Gear Solid fansite, the images are the first to show Diamond Dog in-game alongside Snake.

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The wolf was first introduced in a trailer at Tokyo Game Show last year. We see Snake first find DD in the wilderness next to a dead older wolf when he's just a little cub. Snake adopts him, and we later see him as a grown wolf who wears an eyepatch like Snake does. He will be a support character in the game who can be called upon. Also notable is the plastic mask on the horse Snake rides, which implies that it can be equipped with gear.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is set for release in September across for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, last-generation consoles, and PC. As a result of a reportedly strained relationship with Konami, Kojima is expected to leave the company when the game ships. We've laid out a timeline of events that have happened since then.

Check out more screenshots below.

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