New media: Xenosaga

See the first direct-feed video clips of Namco's Xenosaga.


Namco has released the first direct-feed video footage from its upcoming role-playing game Xenosaga Episode 1. As the name suggests, the game will be the first in a series of six installments. In this first game in the series, the story revolves around the Galactic Federation, the Vector Corporation, and a group of invading aliens known as the Gnosis. The game's lead character, Shion Uzuki, is a researcher at the Vector Corporation. She is in charge of the project to develop the so-called KOS-MOS androids, which are designed to combat the Gnosis aliens.

The video clips highlight five of the primary characters in the game. Along with a clip of Shion, other party members such as a blue-haired KOS-MOS android; chaos; Junior; and the synthetically created Momo are shown. According to the series' director, Tatsuya Takahashi, both the blue-haired KOS-MOS and the male character chaos will play recurring roles during the course of the six-episode series.

Xenosaga is being developed by Monolith Soft, which includes several former members of the Xenogears development team. Approximately 70 percent complete, the game is currently on schedule for release this year on the Japanese PlayStation 2. A North American release date has not been announced at this time.

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