New media: WWF Raw is War

We have two impressive new trailers for THQ's Xbox wrestling game and new screenshots.



Today, THQ sent us two new trailer clips for its Microsoft Xbox wrestling game WWF Raw is War. The first trailer features footage from the game, interspersed with real-life clips of wrestlers such The Rock, Undertaker, and Kane. The second trailer is made up entirely of gameplay footage and shows a variety of sequences in and out of ring. Among the game's features is a rage meter, which depletes as the wrestler performs moves and throws punches and kicks--it essentially serves as the wrestler's stamina meter and replenishes relatively quickly. Raw is War will include both male and female wrestlers, and it will feature authentic wrestler entrances and theme music. One of the examples of this in the video clip is a scene with Undertaker entering the arena on his signature Harley Davidson.

WWF Raw is War is being developed by Anchor, which created the entertaining UFC games. It will be released at or around the launch of the Xbox console on November 8.

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