New media: Wave Race: Blue Storm

New videos of Wave Race: Blue Storm are a must-see.


The GameCube launch lineup is relatively sparse, with only three games available at launch in Japan. But Wave Race: Blue Storm is one of the games that should appeal to nostalgic game consumers. The game shares much of its gameplay system with the classic Wave Race, but it also presents that formula anew with a variety of new locations and enhanced graphics. Take a look at our videos and screenshots, and the first visual aspect you'll likely notice is the game's realistic-looking water. Submerged environmental elements can be seen underwater, and specific objects and the organic surroundings aboveground are reflected in real time on the undulating water.

To see the game in all its visual glory, click on the appropriate media link below to view our video clips, or on the image above to see new screenshots from the game. Wave Race: Blue Storm will also launch alongside the North American GameCube on November 18.

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