New media: Wario Land 4 GBA

Nintendo has released new screenshots from its upcoming platform game for the Game Boy Advance.


Wario's first solo appearance on the Game Boy Advance will be in the upcoming platform game Wario Land 4. The game shares its look and feel with the previous Wario Land games on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. This time around, Wario is in search of a golden pyramid, and throughout his journey, he will gain access to a variety of abilities, including floating, swimming, and running around very fast, among others.

Once he reaches the pyramid, he must defeat four guardians who protect each of its four sections. Wario may either defeat each guardian outright or push a destruction switch and escape before time runs out. Unlike in previous Wario games, he will no longer have an unlimited amount of health. To restore Wario's health you will have to collect heart pieces. There will also be a variety of minigames included to keep things exciting. Wario Land 4 will be released in November in the US, but in the meantime, check out these new screenshots from the game.

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