New media: Virtua Fighter 4

See the first direct-feed video clip of Sega's Naomi 2 and PS2 game Virtua Fighter 4.


GameSpot brings you the first direct-feed video clip of Virtua Fighter 4. The clip shown is running on Sega's Naomi 2 arcade board, but the game will also be released for the Sony PlayStation 2. Virtua Fighter 4 features two new characters, one male and one female. Additionally, familiar characters such as Lau, Pai, Wolf, Akira, and Kagemaru will return for this latest installment--they are all shown in the video clip.

As seen in the video, the environments in Virtua Fighter 4 are on a grander scale than the previous games in the series. The actual battle areas are about the same size, but the ambient envrionments are cluttered with new structured and detailed textures. Additionally, the character animation looks smoother than the previous Virtua Fighter games.

Media courtesy of GameWave.

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